We use the gear that we make & Make the gear that we want to use

There is no point producing a product that we don’t want to use.  we know that you’ll love it too but before we offer it for sale we have used it and loved it.

Measure the cost

There are many types of cost some of these include financial, social, and environmental.  We think our products are competitively priced but that’s not the whole story.  By demanding recycled materials we know you are interested in doing your part to relieve some pressure on the landfills.  By utilizing local labor we are creating jobs and ensuring the highest quality.

Its about the relationship

When your in the backcountry you depend on your gear if you ever have an issue, concern or idea on how to improve one of our products let us know and we’ll do everything we can to make it right.  Your idea may even be the inspiration for a new product or feature.  Most of our ideas come from user groups forums and community discussions, great ideas don’t come from a corporate office they are born on the trail.

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